10 Ways to Create More Prosperity and Abundance in Your Home

Let’s face it – we ALL feel like we could use more money! In reality, however, cash flow is just one small part of living a truly prosperous and abundant life. I like to view prosperity in a more holistic way – it’s not just the money in your bank account but how you treat the cash in your wallet as well. It’s also so much more.

Prosperity is having close friends over for dinner and sharing what you have. It is cooking an amazing meal in your kitchen and serving it with love. It is taking care of what you own and having pride in what you do have, realizing it is more than enough. It is having a clean, comfortable home – no matter how sparse or how glamorous. Prosperity is always doing your best, and having the freedom to take time to enjoy life with your loved ones.

The study of the use of feng shui for prosperity often focuses on the prosperity area of the bagua system. According to the bagua system of feng shui, the home can be divided into nine areas that correspond with different areas of the life. Each area, or gua, has certain “cures” (elements, colors, and the like) that can be utilized to encourage growth in that area.

The prosperity gua is the far left corner of your home, from the perspective of your front door. Of course, prosperity really does relate to each part of your life, so it isn’t enough to just spruce up your prosperity gua with purple and green, as recommended. For example, the “helpful people and travel”, “fame and reputation”, “health” and well, just about every other area influence or are influenced by your sense of prosperity!

This is why I want to draw the focus away from the bagua system and towards holistic practices that will promote prosperity in your home and your life. You will probably notice that many of these practices operate on both a practical and spiritual/mindset level.

1. In Chinese (and Western) tradition, as well as in feng shui, the kitchen is said to be the center of the house. Make sure it is clean and organized (which will reduce waste and save money as well)! In particular, keep your refrigerator clean and tidy, stocked with food, and free of anything rotting. Even if the fridge looks a little empty, give it a cleaning and organize its contents. Take pride in what you do have and express thanks.

2. While you’re in the kitchen, take special note of the state of your stove. In the tradition of feng shui, a stove with many burners is thought to be lucky and a sign of prosperity, since it shows you are wealthy and generous enough to cook for a crowd. No matter how many burners you have, make sure they are all clean and work properly. Make a point to rotate which ones you use so they all get some love.

3. Make sure your wallet is neat and organized. If your wallet itself is ancient and beat up, it might be a good time to invest in a new one, if you have the funds. Otherwise, give it a good cleaning! Remove any old receipts, business cards, or other trash (including dirt). Organize your paper money so that it isn’t crumpled up or facing different directions. Treat coins with respect (have a spot for them in your wallet, and use them). Trying to cut down on your credit card spending? Then it’s a great time to cut up your credit cards, or at least take them out of your wallet!

4. Invite friends over on a regular basis, no matter how small your home is. It can be for a formal dinner, a potluck, cocktails, dessert and coffee, snacks and board games – it’s up to you! The idea is to fill your home with warm, loving energy and lots of laughter. Besides, nothing makes me feel more prosperous than sharing my home with friends and treating them to delicious food and drinks!

5. Don’t be afraid to have children over (particularly if you don’t have children of your own). In feng shui, children are thought to have auspicious energy and are lucky to have around. Even if you have no desire to have children, occasionally allowing your friends to bring their children over to visit can fill a home with happy, anything-is-possible energy.

6. Keep your home clean! I’ll admit it – I frequently use #3 as an excuse to do so, and that’s perfectly okay. Of course, it is important to keep your home clean for yourself as well. When possible, go the extra mile in your cleaning – the fun stuff like vacuuming behind furniture and cleaning baseboards or hard-to-reach places. Regularly going the extra mile in private will encourage you to do so in public, which will be a boon to your professional life!

7. When you clean, make a conscious effort to infuse your home with good, prosperous intentions. Try an affirmation (spoken aloud or in your head!) as you clean, such as “My home and life are full or prosperity and abundance. I am grateful to have more than enough.” Skeptical? If you don’t feel amazing by the end of your cleaning session, I’ll be shocked!

8. If you want to get a little witchy, try this folk charm for prosperity someone taught me once. Stuff a jar with a green leafy vegetable, like spinach or kale. Fill the jar with bourbon whisky (bonus points if it’s the good stuff!) and put the lidded jar on a windowsill. Any time you feel you need a little financial boost (or every morning) shake up the jar and focus on money coming towards you. Really feel how excited you would be to receive it – no matter how small the amounts. Think about all of the places it might come from. This really helps me remember that opportunities are always around every corner.

9. Go through your home and (permanently) remove reminders of any broke or bad times in your life. This might include picture, books, clothing, anything! If you find items that are literally broken, get rid of them or fix them right away.

10. Conversely, fill your home with reminders of prosperity. This can be as simple as an inspiration board full of images that illustrate your idea of abundance, wealth, and luxury. If you have now-empty picture frames from #7, fill them with any particularly powerful images you find! You can also arrange your finest jewelry, foreign money from travel, or any other little reminders of prosperity on a little altar or tableau. Get creative – there are no right or wrong ways to do this; you’ll know what feels right.


Which of these practices are you going to use to bring prosperity and abundance into your home and life? Do you have any success stories – or prosperity practices of your own?