My first job in interiors was when I was about seven years old.


Don't worry, this is not a dreary Dickensian tale of child labor. When I was a kid, I would horrify my sweet sentimental mother on a monthly basis by organizing and rearranging my bedroom, inevitably ending up with a trash bag of "clutter" I had to get rid of.


Yes, I was a weird kid (in all honesty, I still am!) I learned from a freakishly young age that stuff was just stuff, and that the benefits of a clutter-free space far outweighed the tiny risk of accidentally disposing of a precious memento. (I'm still trying to convince my mother!)


Throughout my life, this cycle continued. I would feel so energized after a big decluttering session. I knew intuitively that my physical space - from bedroom to eventually my own apartment - greatly impacted my overall well-being. As I became the go-to girl for all of my friends' decluttering, organizing and decorating questions (and let's be real, free labor!), I realized that it wasn't just me. This work could help everyone.


As the years went on, I became more deeply invested in my spiritual work, which I had also been exploring since I was a child. I was always obsessed with feng shui (the Chinese art of creating positive energy flow in a physical space) and folk magic of the home (I identify as a witch - yes, for real!). I easily saw the connection between our own physical energy and the energy of our lives and homes).


But I never viewed any of this as leading me to a potential profession. In 2015, however, I found myself getting deeply burnt out - emotionally and physically - in my work as a professional circus performer and owner/manager of my circus entertainment company. No, I'm not kidding. I was seriously in the circus. And "burnt out" couldn't be more true - after all, this was my specialty:



Ha! I am such a sucker for a bad pun. Even though it doesn't fit in with my bad fire pun, I had to include that second picture, since it's the most hilarious picture of my ever taken, I believe.


I decided it was time for a total change. I decided to pursue my lifelong hobby in interiors professionally. I sold my entertainment company, went back to school for interior design, and got a job managing a well-known interior decor retailer. I started working with clients professionally with my now-signature personal development approach to interiors. I quickly saw my clients achieve goals and pursue dreams they had left on the back burner once they had spaces that inspired them. A serial entrepreneur, I left that job to go back to working for myself full time in 2016.


Everything changed for me once again the following year. I made the difficult choice to leave my marriage in 2017. I knew I didn't want to stay in the Washington, D.C. area (where I had been living), and the more I thought about it, the more I realized I didn't want to live anywhere. I gave away almost all of my possessions and traveled for about six months, expecting to perhaps do so indefinitely.


During my travels I was reminded of my deep love for the textiles, architecture and home lives of other cultures all over the country and world. From New York to London, Marrakech to San Francisco, Tulum to Portland, I was continuously inspired, even though I technically didn't have a "home" of my own. 


In July 2017, I returned to Mexico City, a city that had been one of my favorite cities when I had traveled there a decade prior. I fell back in love with it and decided to return in the fall. Here I am now - in a foreign city that I absolutely love; my new home. 


I have worked with clients virtually and in person in New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco and more. Yet none of these cities have captured my love and imagination the way that my current home has.


Here, I find myself invigorated and challenged every day by the colors, the diverse architecture, and most importantly, the hospitality and kindness of the people who live here. I believe that homes are more than places to eat, sleep, and impress your friends. Homes are living, breathing expressions of their owners (or renters!) and the values and dreams of those incredible people.


I call Holistic Decor fun, action-oriented, real-life design with a purpose because I´m tired of decorating the way we think we´re ¨supposed¨ to. Instead, I view decorating as an empowering tool that allows ourselves to be surrounded by beautiful reminders of why we´re here. What are your values? What fantasies keep you awake at night? What goals scare you, even though you KNOW you´re meant for them?


Let´s work together to create a home that puts you squarely on the path of your biggest dreams. I want to show you how your home can be a calling card for that fantasy life. If you are dissatisfied with what´s coming your way in your life, we can create a new map to follow. This approach has changed my life, and I am confident you will feel the same.


Book a virtual package or take a digital course with me today. I work virtually all around the world, as well as in-person by special appointment. Let´s create some magic, together.